Offshore Argentina and Falklands - Enhanced Potential Field

This enhanced Offshore Argentina and Falklands potential field package includes gravity datasets that are based on the Sandwell and Smith Satellite Free-Air gravity v24.1 dataset from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO). A Low-pass filter with a cut-off wavelength of 30 km has been applied to the onshore data prior to enhancement processing to reduce the artefacts in the original data. A Bouguer and Isostatic Correction have been applied to the data and enhancements are supplied with the product.

The magnetic data source is the EMAG2 v3 2017 dataset.  The data has had a variable reduction to the pole applied to accurately locate and orient magnetic anomalies.  Frogtech Geoscience proprietary enhancements have been applied to the TMI RTP data and are included in this product.

The digital elevation data has been produced from the 1 km grid cell size SRTM30 Plus v11 DEM data from SIO. Frogtech Geoscience have produced enhancements and ternary images on the data to enhance boundaries. 

The Offshore Argentina and Falklands product is part of Frogtech’s range of low-cost, ArcGIS-ready Core and Enhanced potential field datasets available for immediate purchase and download from the Geoscience Store.

A Core product is also available in this area as well as global potential field packages.  

Frogtech specialises in rapid, high-quality custom potential field processing and geologically-constrained magnetic and gravity modelling. 

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This package includes:


  • Free-Air (FA) Gravity
  • Bouguer Gravity (BG)
  • Compound Anomaly of Bouguer Gravity (BG)
  • First Vertical Derivative (1VD) of BG
  • Bouguer Gravity High Pass (HP) 50, 100, 200 and 300 km
  • Bouguer Gravity Low Pass (LP) 50, 100, 200 and 300 km 
  • Bouguer Gravity Horizontal Gradient along EW
  • Bouguer Gravity Horizontal Gradient along NS
  • Bouguer Gravity Automatic Gain Control - window size 50 / 100 / 200 grid cells
  • Bouguer Gravity Analytic Signal
  • Bouguer Gravity Modulus Filter
  • Bouguer Gravity Tilt Filter
  • Bouguer Gravity ZS-Area Filter
  • Bouguer Gravity ZS-Block Filter
  • Bouguer Gravity ZS-Edge Filter
  • Bouguer Gravity ZS-Edgezone Filter
  • Bouguer Gravity ZS-Plateau Filter
  • Bouguer Gravity ZS-Trend Filter
  • Bouguer Gravity Ternary Image -Tilt, MS and AGC
  • Bouguer Gravity Ternary Image -Tilt, MS and ZS-Edge
  • Bouguer Gravity Ternary Image -Tilt, MS and ZS-Edgezone
  • Bouguer Gravity Ternary Image -Tilt, ZS-Edge and MS
  • Isostatic Residual (Iso Res)
  • Isostatic Regional (Iso Reg)
  • Root Depth


  • Total Magnetic Intensity (TMI)
  • Reduction to the Pole (RTP)
  • Compound Anomaly (CA) of RTP
  • RTP First Vertical Derivative (1VD)
  • RTP band pass (BP) 50 – 100 km and 50 – 200 km
  • RTP high pass (HP) 50, 100, 200 and 300 km
  • RTP low pass (LP) 50, 100, 200 and 300 km
  • RTP Automatic Gain Control, window size 50 / 100 / 200 (AGC50 / 100 / 200)
  • RTP AS Filter
  • RTP MS Filter
  • RTP Tilt Filter
  • RTP Horizontal Gradient along EW
  • RTP Horizontal Gradient along NS
  • RTP ZS-Area
  • RTP ZS-Block Filter
  • RTP ZS-Edge Filter
  • RTP ZS-Edgezone Filter
  • RTP ZS-Plateau Filter
  • RTP ZS-Trend Filter
  • RTP ZS Ternary Tilt/MS/AGC
  • RTP ZS Ternary Tilt/MS/Edge
  • RTP ZS Ternary Tilt/MS/Edgezone
  • RTP ZS Ternary Tilt/Edge/MS

Digital Elevation Model

  • Digital Elevation Model
  • First Vertical Deriviate
  • Automatic Grain Control (50)
  • Edge Filter
  • Edgezone Filter
  • Modulus
  • Tilt and Negative Tilt
  • Ternary Images

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